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Massimiliano Allegri with works this in year regarded as beyond expectation!

Massimiliano Allegri

Massimiliano Allegri

After the battle of European Cup, UEFA Champions League has ended. In this article will talk about Juventus’s coach Massimiliano Allegri, vice champion of the UEFA Champions League this year. Must be said that for this year Italy top team, Juventus work really well beyond the expectation. So for this article will talk about overall contribution of Juventus under the team’s first year coach Massimiliano Allegrithis in this season.

For reasons that took Juventus under coach. Massimiliano Allegri this season for talking about in this article because It seems from previously overall portfolio of Juventus under the first year of the team’s new coach Massimiliano Allegriis considered they done excellent job beyond expextation.

It can be seen that criticism has continued about the decision of Juventus at the time. Were they really made good decision of picking Massimiliano Allegriis to coach the team? Because previously Massimiliano Allegriis made not good enough work for AC Milan. But, his work for Juventus this year is so fantastic because it’s just only first year, he brought the team reached 2 champ also EUFA Champion League he did a great job as well as he brought Juventus to the final round even can’t win the champ but this season Massimiliano Allegriis work really well beyond the expectation.