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Chelsea with disappointing work because only of defensive position dropped their form!



After this season of English Premier League has started for a while can’t deny that the team that has disappointing performance is Chelsea under coach Jose Murillo because after the new premier league has started 5 games, Jose Murillo can collect just 4 point and win just 1 time, 1 draw and lost 3 games which from those work Chelsea did pretty bad.

And after Chelsea did disappointing work in this new season, this article will talk about Chelsea, coach Jose Murillo. The topic we will talk about Jose Murillo is reason why Chelsea has such an disappointing performance. Because seems like from Chelsea disappointing work this season, many people the main reason is from defensive line has dropped their form which from those reason make Chelsea can’t work well. Personally, main reason that Chelsea has disappointing form is defensive that dropped the form but the reason that Chelsea has such an disappointing work since the season has started, is it really from defensive position?

Why? Because the reason that Chelsea has bad performance isn’t from just defensive team because from their previous work can see attacking and defensive and midfielder have part in it. Start with Diego Cosa, since the season has opened he barely can’t show good form, 5 game he can made goal just 1 time and many time he can’t press competitor, clearly see he has dropped his performance. Next, Eden Hazard the striker has dropped his form too by not having varieties playing style. Cese Fabregas is the one that dropped his form witch effect Chelsea attacking game from midfielder lack of varieties in game. Nemanja Matic is the defensive midfielder, he dropped his form too because he fail many time in this new season which make competitor attacking position can get through defensive of his team so, Chelsea lost many goal.