Next season Arsenal will work better for the champ if gets Gonzalo Higuaín to boost the team!

Gonzalo Higuaín

Gonzalo Higuaín

If talking about the team that have such a great work in half back season. Can’t deny that Arsenal under coach Arsène Wenger is the one. Because Arsenal’s performance in haft season later obviously going well compared to the beginning of season because they win in many game.

And after strongly Arsenal form the half season makes next season more interesting because clearly see that Arsenal’s Arsène Wenger have been came out right. Next season he’ll work better then last season for sure because like previous work obviously see that Arsène Wenger is now ready but if Arsenal want to push forward to Premier Leaque Champ they should find another new forward and the one who can fit them is Gonzalo Higuaín.
Why’s that, because from Arsenal previous work before ending season they work such absolutely wonderful and they’re more reddiness was better than when the beginning of season. But they still have problem to fix if they want to form the perfect team. They need to fix forward position because forward Olivier Giroud, overall he’s a good player but many times he can’t make score. So, Arsenal should seek for another forward that good at ending the score for make the team more perfect in next season. One of a good choice is Gonzalo Higuaín. He’s outstanding about making score and he’ll suit to Arsenal playing form. So, If Arsenal gets Gonzalo Higuaín to boost the team, next season they’ll reach the champ again.

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